Work – A Blessing for Labor Day

May God the Creator—the one who lifted, and fashioned, and separated, and formed, and pressed the world into its shape,
Who carved rivers and planted forest and cultivated the grasslands
Who brings new life in the world, sustains it with his healing hands
Who inscribes law into the fabric of space-time
Into the rock of human conscience
Who alone judges with all equity and mercy
Who wars and battles and overthrows the forces of darkness into the raging deep
Who resurrects the dead and restores the broken places–
May God whose hand works wonders bless the work of your hands.

For the food you serve
And the forms you fill
And the updates you push
And the briefs you file
And the charts you check
And the legers you read
And the lectures you give
And the homework you write
And the iron you weld
And the diapers you change
And the stocks you buy and sell
And the resumes you submit–
Your work reflects God’s work.
So may it be blessed.

And on Labor Day—the day that celebrates the dignity of productive human endeavor—may God grant you the opportunity to pause, and be grateful for work.

And may the Maker, who rested, who invented rest, who wrote rest into the 10 Commandments and the 42 chromosomes of your DNA, then bless your rest.