For the Grieving – Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

I wrote this blessing for our families who have suffered from pregnancy and infant loss. We will be having our Remembrance Service on October 15 at 6:30PM in the West University Church of Christ Worship Center. 

“For the Grieving”

For you, who watched with disbelief a world in motion
People stepping to the beat of trivialities
Breakfast and bus schedules and business meetings
Whisking by without a glance toward your silence

For you, who slid into the pinpoint moment of grief
And there remain, stuck, unmoving
Certain that to shift your heavy feet
Would be a violation, an act of betrayal

May you feel the Father surround you
Hold you in this place out of time
May he command the sun to cease its journey
And stand with you in solemn vigil

For you, who commended to God unfinished souls
Life still in its first unfoldings, the miracle incomplete
Who walk with only faith that the author
Continues to inscribe the unfinished story in his book of life

May you hear the Lord whisper peace
As he draws you to his breast
“You, who mourn, will be comforted.
And you will be blessed.”

Bless you.