Leadership Training for Christ, by Jordan Hinrichs

Member Jordan Hinrichs, High School student and part of our youth ministry, offers this reflection.  

Over the past 10 years I have participated in the wonderful experience that is Leadership Training for Christ (LTC). I have participated in countless events and I can say that it has surely effected my life. All the events that I do, whether it be drama or Bible bowl, has given me a better understanding and knowledge of God. Events like Bible bowl help me delve into certain books of the Bible to

LTC Puppets, Sr. Group

an extent that I would never do otherwise. Others like drama or puppets help me see how the theme of the year can apply to real life situations.

Besides the events, the entire LTC experience is amazing. Just being around the people that you usually only see on Sunday mornings is an uplifting and fun time. Personally, hanging around with the youth group at LTC is really great. One of the ways that our LTC group facilitates this is by having a church service all together on Sunday morning. This time is filled with wonderful singing and usually a short devotional. I think that the LTC trip draws all the people involved closer to God and each other.

I believe that if I had never gone to LTC my life would be completely different. I would not be as knowledgeable of the word of God as I am and I would also not be as of good friends with some the people that I am today.  I think that LTC is a fun, but also God-filled weekend that cannot be replaced with whatever you had previously planned. LTC is a worthwhile trip that, for me, would be devastating to miss.