A Blessing for Moms and Everyone Else

Written for Mother’s Day, May , 2016

A Blessing for Moms and Everyone Else


This is not a small word, is it? Yes, it’s short; my five-year-old can tell you that it’s three letters long. But small it is not.

Mom. It’s a big word.

It’s a word that speaks to some of the sharpest edges of our hearts. To speak of mothers today is to evoke in many a wellspring of warmth, affection, joy and love and hope. For you who are rejoicing today, either in celebration of the moms in your life, or in gratification at your own calling to motherhood, we rejoice with you. Moms: may God our Creator whose image you bear, bless you. And may God empower us to live out our commission: to be family for one another. May we journey with you as you navigate waters well traveled but never charted. From anxious anticipations, to sleepless nights, to broken bones and first loves and broken hearts; to baptisms, to empty nests, to grandchildren, to every moment with its laughters and tears. God bless you.

But not all waves that crash upon us at the word Mom are warm. If Mother’s Day comes as a bittersweet blessing we are with you, too. For some, this is the first Mother’s Day after mom’s passing. We remember with you, today. For some, Mother’s Day isn’t bittersweet; it’s just bitter, and not really a blessing at all. May we walk with you in your sorrow over childhoods that should have been different, and moms who wounded more than they comforted. God bless you. May we walk with you in mourning over children we never met. May you be comforted. May you be blessed. May we walk with you in prayer that estranged sons and daughters will find their way home. May we walk with you who want to be moms and aren’t yet–who want to be moms and will not be. Please forgive us if our words have been a curse to you rather than a blessing.

And if the word “mom” speaks to an experience you want nothing to do with, may we walk with you as you live into the divine callings to which you’ve been called. They are no less sacred.

Today and every day, may the Holy Spirit hold us unwaveringly faithful to the Fifth Commandment, to honor those to whom God first entrusted us, who bore us in their bodies and first taught us life’s most important lessons: how to live, how to laugh, and how to love.

Happy Mother’s Day