Dear Houston

Dear  Houston,

As a Christian community, we, West University Church of Christ, have been called to love our neighbors as ourselves, to put the needs of others above our own, and to express our faith in God through love. The church, we affirm, is God’s crafstmanship, created to do good works and to bring the light of the Gospel into the world. And in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we know Houston and the surrounding communities need people committed to good works.

In the name of Jesus, with God’s mercy and the power of the Holy Spirit, we pledge to bless you, our neighbors, and to work together with other congregations, ministry partners, and community organizations to help our neighborhoods recover and rebuild. We will reach deep to express the ancient Christian virtues of charity, hospitality, and welcome to those in need. We will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and help provide shelter to those without. And we will help our neighbors recover and rebuild.

To this great city we say, We will love you. We will pray with you. We will serve you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.