Worship update 5/3/2020

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This past week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced there will be a carefully thought-out process for reopening Texas businesses beginning May 1. You may be wondering what that means for our church. For now, we plan to continue holding our services online. Although this is not how we like it, this has allowed us to remain safe while still being able to worship God at home. In the coming weeks, as the situation evolves and regulations change, we will provide additional updates.


A letter from the Elders

West University CHURCH OF CHRIST

Dear Church Family,

We believe that man was not meant to be alone. We believe that is critically important not to forsake the assembly. As Christians, we need to meet together as a body for fellowship, for mutual edification, for learning, for service, and for praise and worship.

However, we must also be responsible during this national, indeed this international, crisis regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Our foremost concern is for the safety of all of our members. But we must also be concerned about the sensitivities of our neighbors who may believe that if we continue to meet despite the current health crisis we may increase the risk for everyone.

Accordingly, it is with great regret that we have decided to suspend our regular worship on Sunday mornings. We do not know how long this will be required. As soon as it is safe to resume our services, we will alert you via email and via our website and our Facebook page. Please keep checking these sources so that you can be informed.

To be clear, until further notice:

• We will not be meeting as a body on Sunday mornings, either for class or for regular worship; and

• We will not be holding Wednesday night class/services.

However, our life group meetings generally involve no more than 10-15 persons. From the guidance we have received, meetings of this size do not pose a significant risk. We will leave to the individual life group leaders and members the decision of whether they wish to continue meeting. Moreover, if you are not currently part of a life group, we would encourage you to join a life group during this time so that you can maintain a strong connection to your Christian family.

While we will not be holding regular services on Sunday morning. We will be offering an online alternative. We intend to conduct a service with a skeleton crew that will be available online to all church members. information about how to access that service will be set out in a separate email and will be posted on our website and our Facebook page. We encourage you to follow these services.

Online worship: Watch Sunday mornings, tap here

Listen to sermons online, tap here

We should not view this crisis as a holiday from worship. Rather, we should view it as an opportunity. Use this time to reach out to family or neighbors to participate in house church services. Participate in a life group. Demonstrate how Christians respond to times of emergency. Spend time in prayer and with your families. Also, do not forget our congregation in these difficult times. The business of the church will continue. The office will remain open and Susan will be a focal point for questions and information. Small groups are welcome to meet at the building.
To that end, the financial needs of the church will continue. Please remember that donations can be made online. One of the major impacts of this crisis is financial uncertainty. That is certainly something we recognize. But please remember to continue your support for our congregation as you are able.

From the Elders Hilton Merritt Jim Taylor