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Who Are We?

The church family at West University Church of Christ is a wonderful, loving and active fellowship of believers with a heart and passion for sharing the love of Christ with our community and the world. If you take the time to get to know us, we think you will like us. There is a place among us where you can serve along side us as we try to give glory to God through Jesus Christ.

The congregation of God’s people here at West University is composed of people of all ages from all walks of life. We have children, university students, parents, singles, grandparents, retirees, stay-at-home moms, school teachers, lawyers, nurses, physical therapists, engineers, architects, accountants, corporate employees, computer specialists, bankers, secretaries, business owners and many others.

Our God is a mighty God. Christ is a wonderful Savior. The Holy Spirit is a comforting Counselor. We, the church, are God’s possession, bought and redeemed by Christ’s blood. We are on an exciting journey through life together and we are heaven bound. We invite you to visit us, worship with us and then to become a part of our church family.

As you can learn from browsing to other portions of our web page, the family of God here at West University has a diverse ministry to reach out to a wide variety of needs that surround us in today’s world. Whether your interest is in the Christian family, teaching children, evangelism, foreign missions, or a host of other ministry opportunities, there is a place here for you in God’s service where you can use your own unique talents and you can be a blessing to others.

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