Beehive Pre-School

Beehive school logo

West University Church of Christ is happy to partner with the Beehive, an Educator & Parent Collaborative Pre-School. Below is some of what Beehive has to offer.

West University’s Pre-School Co-op

We are a unique parent cooperative located in West University Place, Texas. For over forty years, our play-based preschool has helped develop the necessary skills children will need in elementary school and beyond.

Play-Based Approach to Early Childhood Education

Research supports the benefits of play-based education as one of the best forms of learning. Through play, children can develop their creativity, social emotional skills, and develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. At Beehive, our play-based environment encourages children to become independent thinkers and explore learning through their interests.

Visit the Beehive website here to read more and enroll