1970 – 1979 | West U. Congregation History

April 1970 – Membership was 570

June 1971 – Glen McDoniel resigned and left for the South 5th Street Church in Mississippi

August 1971 – Joe Hailey Jr was hired as the Associate Minister.

August 1971 – Charles A. Whitmire secured to work as pulpit minister.

September 1971 – David and Malissa Rivoire left to undertake mission work in Munich, Germany.

August 1973 – Membership was 520

June 1974 – Joe Hailey Jr left to accept the Youth Minister’s job at the Woodlawn Church of Christ

June 1974 – Rob McElroy secured to work as Associate Minister

April 1976 – Bus ministry began at West University

September 1976 – Charles Whitmire left after 5 years to go to Longview

March 1977 – Joe Winnett and Rob McElroy preached during the absence of a full time minister

February 1978 – Joe Winnet left to be a pulpit minister at the Houston Terrace Congregation

May 1978 – Rob McElroy left the congregation and moved to Victoria to serve there

August 1, 1978 – Glenn Lackey secured to work as youth minister

February 1979 – Paul Arnold began serving as the Associate Minister

March 1979 – Homecoming celebrating 40 years. There were 546 in attendance


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